Legal & Compliance Officer - Chiesi Hellas
Τετάρτη 18 Οκτ 2017
The focus of this position is on managing the legal and compliance issues associated with Chiesi Hellas operations. The position will provide legal & compliance support services to Chiesi Hellas's commercial, medical and the rest of the affiliate's business functions. As a leader in the organization, the role also provides the General Manager and Country Leadership Team with legal and compliance advice and support for managing business operations.
The Legal & Compliance Officer will be in charge of warranting full compliance with ethics, data protection/privacy, anti-corruption and antitrust laws and requirements, and to this purpose he/she will:
  •  Introduce and localize, if necessary, Corporate SOPs and policies, guidelines and other Corporate compliance documents in the Company;
  • Elaborate local policies, guidelines, etc. in cooperation with other Departments (e.g. Marketing, Medical, etc.);
  • Update Company’s SOPs and policies in due course;
  • Prepare and update presentations, trainings on compliance issues for employees;
  • Take an active involvement in elaboration, update and training on SOPs;
  • implement procedures via regular trainings and consultations for internal clients;
  • Co-operate with Medical Dept. in order to warrant full compliance to national laws and Codes of Practice with reference to the promotion and commercialization of pharmaceutical products;
  • Update internal intranet/portal with compliance related information;
  • Respond to day-to-day ad hoc compliance questions and requests;
  • Work closely with all Departments to ensure Company’s and Departments’ adherence with the requirements of Corporate and local compliance procedures;
  • Update Management Team both on local and Corporate level on recent compliance trends and healthcare industry;
  • Foster ethical behavior by ensuring compliance criteria are included in objectives of the Company;
  • Communication and reporting to local and Corporate Management;
  • Participate in various meetings and sessions held by the national pharma association.
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